Stellar Energy Action Plans

Energy Bill Analysis
Impact of rate increases
Comparison of up to 5 energy suppliers
Analysis of Time-of-use rate options
Advantages of splitting or combining multiple meters, lighting only rates, etc.

Basic Energy Audit
Standard energy conservation measures – general ranges for cost and savings
Attic insulation and ventilation; Duct Inspection; Window film; HVAC system; Lighting

Professional Energy Action Plan
Detailed and focused energy audit to deal with specific problems, large bills/sites, new occupant, pre/post renovation
Retro-commissioning services
Air flow measurement and balancing; Indoor air quality testingThermostat calibration and programming
HVAC sequence of operations and functional testing
Collation of system documentation – operations and service manuals
Hot water heating inspection and temperature adjustment
AC and electrical circuit inspection (IR?)
Renewable energy analysis – solar thermal & PV, wind, geothermal, Air-Air heat exchanger; heat pump water heater
Written Energy Action Plan – Finer detail on cost and savings; prioritize actions; contractor list?