Choosing the Best Generator Size To determine which generator size is the best for your home, you need to know how much amount of electricity you need to power up your home. You need to know to how much electricity is enough to power up all your appliances at home. Home generators are usually classified according to the amount of watts they can produce. A home generator usually ranges from 6,000 watts to 22,000 watts.

There could be a lot of choices for you but the important thing here is that you know how much power you actually need. Don’t pick a generator without thinking first the amount of power you need to power up your home.

You see, it is always better to have more power than what you actually need. This will reduce the burden on the home generator. The home generator will also be able to run more efficiently.

Most homeowners prefer to go with large generators but this is really not necessary. You don’t need a 22,000 watt home generator if your house is small. This is even more not necessary if you only have few appliances to power up.

Your budget also comes to mind here. The more power a generator can produce, the more fuel you are going to need for it. In this case, it’s better if you spend some of your money to get a home generator which answers to your need. Don’t spend your money on a generator that is not enough to power up your home in case of emergencies.

There is also the option of going with middle range home generators. You can ignore both the low and high ranges of generators and go instead with the middle range generators. These generators usually fall between 5,000 to 9,000 watts. A middle range home generator is enough to power up three of your major appliances at home, light, and run a few of your basic utilities. But don’t expect for this generator to power up your heating and cooling systems though. You will need a more capable generator for that kind of purpose.

Another factor that you need to think about when you pick the right generator size is the noise it produces. The more power the generator provides the more noise it is going to produce. Noise is something that you need to accept about generators especially if you are going to get one but there might be some of your neighbors that are not going to like the constant noise that your generator produces.

Last factor you need to consider for choosing the right generator size for your home is the space. You should reserve a good amount of space for your generator. The best option here is to place it in your garage or in your backyard. Take note that you also need to shelter your generator from heat and rain. The bigger your generator is the more space you should reserve for it. Also make sure that your kids will not be able to reach it especially if it’s running.