Graffiti Shield & surface Protection

The Graffiti Shield product line features revolutionary graffiti abatement covers to help combat vandalism. Property owners are constantly fighting everything from spray paint and markers to carving and acid graffiti. Vandalism costs schools, homeowners, businesses, youth, and others more than $15 billion a year.

Metal Shield is a 6.5 MIL thick Anti-Graffiti Abatement and Obscuring film to be applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original.

Designed to protect Stainless Steel from vandalism and graffiti, Stainless Steel is a material chosen for its resistance to corrosion and rusting. However, Stainless Steel is vulnerable to anything abrasive. Vandals can scratch their name into stainless steel with things like keys, knives, and screwdrivers with minimal effort and cause great damage to the surface. Since Stainless Steel is pre-finished at a factory with large format machinery to give it a polished grain appearance, repairing damage by hand in the field is virtually impossible to achieve without having a refinished or repaired look.

Metal Shield is thick enough to protect the substrate from normal damage if it was to be vandalized again and or cover up existing damage while making the surface look new and factory finished. Metal Shield utilizes a proprietary adhesive strictly designed to bond strong enough as to not be removed by the general public but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any residue on the metal surface.

Mirror Shield is a 5 MIL thick Anti-Graffiti Abatement designed to mimic the look of a mirror while providing an invisible and sacrificial coating to the substrate underneath

Mirror Shield was designed to help keep up with vandalism spreading their graffiti to new canvases. Graffiti can be found on mirrors in public and private environments. Since restrooms usually have mirrors and decreased traffic it can give someone almost infinite time to cause tons of damage to the surface. Vandals have been known to draw or carve into the mirror. No matter what they use once a mirror has been vandalized it can be rendered useless and will need to be replaced.

Mirror Shield provides a reflective cover to a mirror and protects it from future damage. If a vandal tries to carve into a mirror with Mirror Shield installed it will only destroy the cover and not the mirror underneath. This is a much greener solution to replacing the entire mirror. Like all other Graffiti Shield products it is acid resistant and uses the same adhesive so that it can’t be pulled off by the general public, but by a trained technician without leaving any residue behind.

Glass Shield is a 4 to 6 MIL thick Anti-Graffiti Abatement designed to be an undetectable and sacrificial coating on glass.

Initially designed to solve a common problem with vandals scratching or etching glass and mirrors in public and or private environments. Typically glass must be replaced after it has been vandalized. Glass is everywhere around us and it makes a perfect canvas for vandals to “tag” and easily cause damage. Usually vandals have used sharp objects such as knives, drill bits, or screwdrivers to etch into the glass. Vandals have also introduced acid into their arsenals. White shoe polish and acid spread with a letter moistener creates very noticeable damage to the surface and cannot be cleaned off by any products.

Glass Shield offers your glass protection from etching as well as acid. If a vandal uses acid on the coating it will simply become harmless droplets beading up which can be cleaned off with soap and water, no replacement needed and no damage to the glass underneath.

Advancing technology allowed not only just Glass Shield and Metal Shield to be born, but also the ability to make custom products for any type of material. These products are designed for a specific substrate and will mimic a surface while giving it all the benefits of a graffiti abatement film. This way you can have the protection you need with the style you want!

Graffiti Shield manufactures a 12mil tinted graffiti abatement film. This film offers protection from aggressive vandalism and solar heat. This solution can be used in a variety of environments where heat is also problematic such as a restaurant, retail storefront or transit systems!

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