Home Window TintingMore and more homeowners are opting for home window tinting not only for protection but for other purposes as well. Window tinting was first developed as a shield for windows to protect people from the bad effects of various light forms like ultraviolet light, infrared light, and most especially sun light.

Window tints are mostly made from micro-ceramics, metals and dyes. They are put together in between layers of a film.

Window tints are now applicable for household purposes. Homeowners not only use window tints as a form of protection, nowadays. They also use it because of its aesthetics, for security purposes and for privacy purposes. Home window tints also excel in absorbing heat.

There are now a lot of home window tinting types. Each of them holds a distinct advantage over the other. You can always choose any of them according to what purpose you want it to do for you.

Dyed Film

This window tint will surely keep your home cool even in the hottest summer days. This is home window tinting option that is made from polyester film and dyed according to the buyer’s preference. It is also excellent for homeowners who are looking for privacy because it has the darkest look among other types of home window tints.

Hybrid Film

This window tint option has excellent reflection and heat absorption abilities. This option is the best choice for you if you want maximum protection against the harmful UV rays. Hybrid films also have nice aesthetics which may suit your taste.

Metalized Film

What makes this window tint option different from others is that it is very effective in repelling and absorbing heat. However, metalized film tends to disrupt the signals of some of your gadgets at home like mobile phones and radios.

Ceramic Film

This is the most advanced home window tinting of all. It combines the good qualities of hybrid and dyed films. It is the most durable window film and has the most clarity.

Having your windows tinted will give you glare reduction, heat reduction and UV and infrared protection. UV light is dangerous and may cause some skin problems. But by having your windows at home tinted, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family anymore.

You should check out the different home window tinting options and see how they can be very useful to you!