Portable Air Conditioner Care and Maintenance TipsSince portable air conditioners have become a norm these days, a lot of people have been questioning as to how to maintain and care for it so it will last for a long time. A portable air conditioners do require proper care and maintenance so you can get the most out of it.

Here some tips and suggestions to help you give proper care and maintenance to your portable AC.

Cleaning Filters

You need to clean the filters of your portable air conditioner regularly, if you want to ensure its longevity. Do regular cleaning to the washable pre-filter of your unit, located at the back portion. This will prevent the buildup of dust and dirt on the evaporator coil of your unit.  Try also changing the filters in your unit at least once in every three months.


The location where your portable air conditioning unit is installed can also affect its performance and longevity.  Don’t place your unit in areas that are prone to dust and dirt. Dust can get easily get into the upper and lower fan motors, foul the winding of the motors and contaminate the bearings inside as well. In short, too must dust will lead to mechanical and electrical failures. If you can’t avoid placing your unit in dusty areas, don’t forget to use an antimicrobial filter for your portable AC unit. The filter will help in capturing impurities that gets inside your unit.

Your portable air conditioner must be placed near a window and a nearby power source. A window is necessary for the venting purposes while a power source is needed for powering the unit. If a window is not available, try using a sliding glass door or a ceiling outlet to serve as the venting outlet.

If you know that your place is very humid, you may want to add a nearby drainage for condensation purposes. You can drain your unit by installing a drain tube on the drain port at the back of your unit and let it drain on a bucket or by disconnecting your unit and roll it outside to be drained.

Exhaust Tip

If possible, the exhaust tip of your unit must be short and straight. This will help prevent the moisture in the exhaust stream to condense inside and then roll back inside the unit which will cause damage to your portable air conditioner.

Power Supply

When it comes to power, you have to make sure that your unit is operated on a circuit that’s capable of 120VAC, at a minimum of 15A. Right power supply is needed to make sure that the compressor and fan motors of your unit will have a lot of startup power. You also have to consider adding an electrical surge preventer to prevent power surge, just in case.