Today’s homeowners love residences that are “light and bright.” Repeatedly home-improvement and home-buying television programs emphasize this point. But the same glorious windows that bring in light, also bring in heat and destructive solar rays that fade and damage drapes, furnishings, artwork, wood floors and carpets. Plus, if you can see out, others can often see into your home, ruining your privacy and possibly affecting your security.

Homeowners know that cutting these solar rays can improve energy efficiency, slash their energy bills and even help the planet. Sadly, many homeowners are not aware of the advantages of quality window film. Instead they associate film with inferior tinting products used on cars. We hear comments like … “It’s that ‘tint’ stuff that you see on cars that turns purple and bubbles up, right?” or “There is no way I will put a tint on my home’s windows to make them look shiny or dark.”

Other homeowners opt for dark screens or the cheap film products out there that can darken some of the sun’s rays. These products can make a home look like a haunted spaceship from the exterior and feel like a cave on the inside. Meanwhile they cut only a fraction of solar energy. V-KOOL isn’t in the same league as these products.

V-KOOL was originally developed for the military to filter high-altitude sun in the cockpits of fighter planes where the view needs to be perfect, but extreme heat and glare on instruments can mean life or death. When applied to your home, the view from your windows remains equally bright and clear, while the incoming solar radiation is filtered substantially. Your home becomes bright, cool and comfortable.

Let Stellar Window Films educate you on how to solve your heat, glare, fading, and utility bill problems with our premium professional films from V-KOOL, the CLEAR “UN-TINT” Solar Control Solution. Contact Us for a free visit consultation and amazing demonstration of this product which was chosen as “One of the Top 100 Inventions of the Past Millennium” by Popular Science Magazine. If it is good enough for the White House and the headquarters of the American Institute of Architects, will it be good enough for your homer?

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