Sources of Clean Energy for HomesIf you are thinking about getting a new clean energy system to generate electricity for your home, you need to take some time to decide which option you are going to use. It may take some time and money to research, buy and of course maintain the system you’ve chosen but it will still pay you off with benefits and the independence you can get from using a clean energy system in your home.

You can always depend on a clean and renewable energy system to supply some or all of your electricity needs in your home with the following options:

Solar Panels

Solar panels offer the most energy-efficient way of generating electricity for your home and for reducing your monthly energy consumption, not to mention the easiest to get your hands on. With the introduction of the latest technologies to the solar industry, solar panels are now cheaper than they were before. Solar panels stands as the most sought clean energy system by many homeowners all around the world.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are an excellent choice for generating electricity for your home especially if you live in an area with strong wind resources. Wind turbines provide a very efficient way of producing electricity to be used by your home. Having a small wind system for your home will reduce your energy bills by more than 90%. However, it’s not easy to install wind system for your home. This requires careful planning and time to be able to successfully install one. You have to estimate the win resource and check your local permitting and zoning requirements before you can install wind turbines. The prices of small wind systems are slowly falling down because of the latest advancements and technologies introduced to the industry.

Hydropower Systems

If your home is near a stream, river, creek or other source of flowing water, you may consider installing a hydropower system that’s enough to power your home. A small hydropower system that’s capable of producing 10 kilowatts of electricity is already enough to power a large home, a small farm or even a small resort. Before you decide to install a small hydropower system for your home, you need to determine first the amount of power you can get from the flowing water nearby. You will also need to get permits to use the flowing body of water before you are allowed to install a hydropower system.