V-KOOL is the virtually clear window film that lowers indoor temperatures up to 11* degrees. This is possible because of our amazing heat reflection technology.

  • Blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays.99%
  • Allows up to 70% of visible light to enter.70%
  • Blocks up to 65% of total heat.65%
  • Eliminates over 94% of the sun’s infrared rays.94%
  • First (original) high tech clear film in the industry.100%
  • Film’s comparative performance as per the glass industry’s third party rating system (NFRC.org).100%

Popular Science Magazine Named V-KOOL A Top 100 Invention Of The Millenium

World’s largest Science & Technology magazine “Popular Science” voted V-KOOL Technology as one of the top inventions of the millennium for its energy saving qualities.

Other top inventions with V-KOOL Technology include air-conditioning, Internet, plumbing, refrigerators, and computer, just to name a few.

V-KOOL-USA Is A Successful & Recognized Clear Film Solution

V-KOOL is used by a large number of companies, businesses and organizations. It can be found on the Stanford University campus, the American Institute of Architect’s building in Washington, D.C. and Alltel Stadium, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Esprit, Calico Corners, Sephora, Chico Fas, Albertson’s, Hallmark, Sketcher’s Shoes, Exxon On the Run and Haircuttery and many more also use V-KOOL.

V-KOOL is the product of major advances in surface and particle science and was originally developed for America’s space and defense programs.

V-Kool, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of V-KOOL Films by Eastman Chemical Company.

It works through a patented process known as sputtering in which tiny particles of exotic metals are embedded in optically clear, durable polyester film.


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