Why Do You Need A GeneratorSome people might think of generators as unnecessary but not for those people who are living in areas with constant power interruptions. A generator is the one that you can rely on to get you out of the dark. You no longer have to rely on candles, lanterns and flashlights just to get some light when there’s a power interruption. Plus candles and lanterns are fire hazards and it’s better if you don’t use them when there’s a power interruption.

Generators are not only meant to be used for keeping you out of the dark. You can always rely on them anytime when there is no electricity. You can depend on a generator to power up your whole house. It can power up your heating or cooling systems, security systems, lighting system, and major appliances.

Perhaps one of the most important appliances that a generator can power are the refrigerators and freezers. It’s only natural to store a lot of your food in a refrigerator so that it won’t get to waste that easily. But what if there’s a blackout? A blackout usually lasts for more than 6 hours and this is bad news for the food you stored in your refrigerator. Any food that you store in a refrigerator will spoil in just a few hours if it is not running. This is even more bad news if you usually store most of your food in the fridge.

But that is not issue if you happen to have a generator at home. And if you are one of those people who depend a lot on microwaves, kettles, coffee machines and stoves, a blackout will prevent you from using any these appliances since they need electricity. Electricity is so important and it’s not something that you can’t afford to miss even for a few hours.

This is why you really must have a generator in your home if you want to continue with your normal daily life.

Here are some of the things that won’t work when the power is out:

  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Heating systems like furnaces
  • Cooling systems like your AC
  • Lights
  • Water
  • Communication
  • Entertainment systems like your TV and video game consoles
  • Washing machines
  • Security systems
  • Computers

A generator can power up these things and continue using them until the power is back.