Which is Better: Dyed, Metalized, Hybrid or Ceramic Window Film?Window films are good additions for your home. Window films are known to give a lot of benefits to everyone who make use of them. They serve as a good heat protection and U.V. protection for your home.

Below are the top choices of window films for your home. But, which one of them is the best? Which one of them should you choose? Learn which of these window films are excellent for your home.

Dyed Film

Dyed films are known for their absorbing properties of the dye material which makes your windows look cool. It gives your windows a deep black look since it doesn’t have any shine or sheen to it. Dyed window films are mainly used for the appearance it can give to your windows but are really not that excellent when it comes to heat protection.

Metalized Film

Metalized films are excellent for heat reduction, UV protection and for having a very crisp appearance. Even though they are very good when it comes to heat reduction and UV protection, they are very shiny and may cause interference to your GPS, radio, and cell phones in your home.

Hybrid Film

Hybrid films is composed of a dyed layer and metalized layer, hence its name. As a result, it combines the benefits you can gain from a metalized film and dyed film. They are also known as best bang for the buck window films since they offer good qualities at a competitive price.

Ceramic Film

Capable of absorbing more heat than the dyed or hybrid  films, ceramic window films are widely considered as the most advanced type of window films. Even though they are more expensive than hybrid films, they are still the best when it comes to heat reduction and heat absorption.

When purchasing window films, you need to think about its quality and not just the price. Hybrid window film might seem to be the best choice of the four but ceramic window film is way above it. There is also the dyed film, which might not offer excellent heat protection but will make your windows look cool. The metalized film may not look as good as the dyed film but when it comes to heat reduction and UV protection, it’s still a good choice.

You need to be smart in choosing which window films you buy. Actually, it doesn’t matter which type is the best. What matters the most is your purpose of getting a window film.